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Drug and Alcohol
Education Classes

Alamo Center for Learning, Inc., has been providing education on Drug and Alcohol use and Texas Law for 15 years.

Our Classes are designed to help our students learn skills for change in a caring and nurturing atmosphere. We will guide you through this frightening and confusing time while assuring you that all criteria for state mandated drug and alcohol education are addressed and met in our courses.

Register on line or if you have questions and would like to speak to someone, give us a call.

Texas State Certified Alcohol and Drug Offender Education Programs

  • DWI-101 (1st offense) 12 hour program
  • DWI INTV. Intervention (2 or more DWI’s) 32 hour program
  • DOEP Drug Offender Education 15 hour program
  • VIP Victim Impact Panel-”LIVE” 2 hour program
  • MIP Alcohol Awareness (MIP, MIC & DUI) 6 hour program
  • Anger Management State Certified 8 hour program
  • A/D Evaluation Substance Abuse Evaluation

Alamo Center Driving School

Driver Education - Teens - Adults - Defensive Driving

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